Working together to achieve positive outcomes for children and young adults
Our team are our strongest asset, we recruit individuals with the right values to provide the best support and education. We provide excellent training opportunities and career development.
Putting children and young adults at the centre of our thinking
Phoenix provide bespoke packages of care or education based around individual needs in a safe environment where individuals can flourish.
Therapeutic support and Individual Therapeutic Intervention
Our team of Psychologists, Speech and Language, Occupational Health and other complementary therapy support professionals provide the very best of PACE informed support to our support teams and individual interventions as required to those we support.
A passion for providing services to those who need them
Phoenix Learning and Care provide therapeutically supported Children’s residential care, Adult supported living and education facilities for children with complex needs.


Phoenix works with children and young adults giving opportunities for life and living, a real sense of achievement and a pathway to an independent future. We provide space where individuals can flourish.

Phoenix Learning and Care was established in 2006 and has more than 40 services across the South West of England and South Wales including residential children’s homes and adult supported living services. We provide education in schools delivering KS2 to KS4 curriculum for those with special educational needs and further education through our specialist college.

Our mission is to meet an individual’s social or educational needs. Phoenix enables people to flourish by always putting those we support at the centre of our thinking and practice. Our aim is simple; to improve an individual’s skills and abilities, help them cope with their life experiences and give them the knowledge and skills to be effective, productive and valued members of society.

We employ over 500 talented team members, including our own integrated therapies team and support services, who work together combining the Phoenix HEART Team Charter of Honesty, Empathy, Aspiration, Respect and Teamwork to provide the very best education and care to those we support.

We are regulated by Ofsted, CIW, Estyn and CQC. We support all aspects of robust safeguarding.

Jon Pain
Chief Executive

Nurture Ocean Grey N
Flourish Ocean Grey N



Supported Living






At Phoenix we have our own multi-professional Integrated Therapies Team (ITT) which includes Counselling, Forensic and Educational Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy, Counselling, Occupational Therapy and Creative Arts Psychotherapies.

We adopt a trauma and attachment informed approach, including neurodivergent trauma and a neurodiversity affirming approach.   We pride ourselves on offering high quality, evidence-based care to Phoenix Learning and Care services. The ITT are integral to the core values of the organisation and as a team we believe our therapeutic approach provides the people we support with the tools they need to overcome the obstacles they face in life.

As a team we are passionate about improving the quality of life and outcomes for the people we support. We advocate for working with the whole system, which means that we also support the teams and managers that work around the people we support to ensure that the relationships and environment they are in are as therapeutic as possible. We achieve this by providing assessments, training, advice, support, consultation, and reflective practice.

We are also able to provide bespoke individual therapies for the people we support where this is commissioned and assessed as appropriate. We respect each child, young person and adult as an individual. We get to know them and have a warm and friendly approach, so that we can really understand their needs and how they feel about themselves, others, and life. This helps us to identify their needs because we recognise that one size does not fit all, and the relationships we build are integral to us developing a bespoke therapeutic package.


At Phoenix we want individuals to flourish. This is true for those we support but also those who are part of our teams.

We work hard to make our company a great place to work; our Phoenix values are NURTURE, FLOURISH, GROW and through these values you can make a positive difference to those we support by enabling individuals to flourish whilst also developing your skill and abilities to help develop your career in line with your personal goals.

We invest significantly in training and development, we will support you in your role and take you to new places and experiences every day in supporting those we look after both in our homes and schools or out and about in the community, at work or exploring interests.

If you want to progress our Leadership Programme can facilitate that. We have a strong heritage of developing managers and supporting them to lead their own teams or allowing individuals to progress in our Integrated Therapies Team. Phoenix is a growing company – grow with us.

Hello from
the South West
and South Wales

Life is always busy at Phoenix, take a look at our Social Media pages for what our people are up to…

And for some Company highlights…

Acorn School rated Good

The Acorn School in Winkleigh is rated Ofsted Good by Inspectors Achieving outcomes for Children Devon Special Educational Needs school soars high A newly formed

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Introduction to Phoenix

We are delighted to be able to introduce Phoenix Learning and Care Group within this overview document.

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Phoenix Adult supported living and residential services are located at the heart of the local community with facilities, activities and opportunities nearby to help people flourish and live independently.

A personalised support plan is configured based upon needs, priorities and aspirations which might include personal care, managing finances, finding education, work or exploring leisure activities. Phoenix supported living services encourage independent living and facilitate people to live either on their own, live with others in shared accommodation or a mix of both by having a flat alongside others in one building. Our Supported Living and residential services are located in South Devon around the Dawlish and Teignmouth areas.

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Phoenix operate a broad portfolio of Children’s homes providing 52 week residential care for children and young people unable to live at home and for whom a foster family is currently unsuitable or an aspiration.

Our homes range in configuration including single occupancy, 2 bed, 3 bed and 4 bed services that are located across the South West of England and South Wales in both rural and urban environments. All our homes work to give individuals the chance to flourish with the key outcome of being to assist the child or young person with the crisis or issues currently faced whilst simultaneously helping them develop the skills and abilities they would need to move on either back to their parents, into foster care or into independent living.

All homes are supported with a therapeutic model and specific services have direct 1-1 bespoke therapy program linked to need.

Phoenix offer short term crisis stabilisation services for young people who have experienced significant placement disruption and maybe presenting high risk behaviours. During the 12 week maximum stay there is strong emphasis on creating structure and developing strategies for young people to cope towards moving to foster placement or into a registered children’s home.


Working for Phoenix brings a range of employee benefits coupled to comprehensive training and excellent development and promotion opportunities.

From the day you start you will attend a comprehensive induction programme to give you the right orientation to your role. Training continues through your career where you can achieve L3 qualifications via an Apprenticeship route. Alongside these qualifications you can attend a range of additional courses including varied topics such as professional boundaries, report writing, mental health, first aid and therapeutic approaches and interventions.

All our employees have access to a range of benefits including discounts on purchases at a wide range of high street stores, restaurants, supermarkets, travel agents.

Access to a 24 hour confidential employee assistance helpline is available where employees can access free advice and counselling on a range of matters including legal, financial, medical, family work or consumer issues.


*Birthday day does not apply to Education roles. Blue Light card is not available for all roles.

Phoenix HEART Awards

Now in its fifth year, the annual Phoenix Heart Awards brings together our dedicated Team Members to recognise individuals across all Phoenix services who have demonstrated true excellence in their day-to-day work during the year; people who inspire others and deliver beyond expectation.

Nominations from across our network of services in both England and Wales are welcomed with the awards growing from strength to strength, increasing the total number of professional awards made.

Alongside a series of competitions to engage all, this year for the first time we have an additional award category to specifically recognise how individuals and the people we support, who have made significant progress during the past 18 months, where personal achievements and development have been accomplished and where individuals have strived to achieve it. Awards are made across the following areas:

  • Adult Services
  • Childcare
  • Schools
  • Colleges

Encompassing our values of Nurture, Flourish, Grow the awards event in July 2022 will bring together all under our #onephoenixfamily ethos.





Phoenix welcomes enquiries for placements in any of our services.

Please call us on 0333 015 0 331 or email

We will provide an initial response to all enquiries as soon as possible, advising the options available and indicative dates of admission.

The referrals team can discuss the local offer and where appropriate, put you in contact with the respective Registered Manager or Head Teacher to discuss the practical areas in greater detail.

The Young Person and/or Student are openly encouraged to visit along with parents, guardians or Social Workers to see if the placement is suitable.

Once the placement is confirmed, we work to ensure a smooth transition including the completion of required documentation.


Our Team Charter is the set of core principles and values supporting our goal of Nurture Flourish Grow. The charter was defined by our own Team Members and goes to make the HEART of Phoenix. It informs how we operate and look after each other to make a difference.
Mutual honesty is the cornerstone of any relationship we build with the people we support and work with
We work to understand and empathise with all the individuals we support; it is important we show empathy and not sympathy
We assist all individuals aspire to achieve their goals and outcomes
We treat others in the same way we wish to be treated and to build shared respect
We strive to provide consistency in our approach through effective teamwork and to bring the best out of each other

Clare Le Roux


I have worked at Phoenix for 11 years after originally training as a teacher in Further Education working with students ranging from 16-55 years with additional needs.

I have worked in variety of settings supporting clients with learning disabilities with their mental health well-being.

Louise Bradley

Art Therapist

Since qualifying as an Art Therapist I have worked with both adults and young people. I am interested in how our backgrounds affect us in the present and how this comes out in the artwork we create.

I mainly focus on how art making can support people to understand and process their emotions and traumas in ways that cannot be expressed in words, or when the words cannot be found.

Some other interests that influence my practice are meditation and mindfulness, group dynamics and understanding trauma-informed organisations.

In my role at Phoenix I work alongside teams to provide therapeutically informed support as well as one-to-one and group Art Therapy sessions for young people.

Dr Ben Smith

Strategic & Clinical Advisor

As a clinical psychologist I have worked with adults, children and young people from a very wide-range of backgrounds for over 20 years. My special interests are trauma, PTSD and psychosis and I am passionate about providing access for as many people as possible to psychological treatments that work.

My role in Phoenix is to provide strategic and clinical advice and guidance to the Integrated Therapies Team and advise the board of clinical and psychological advances.

Joanne Braker

Drama Therapist

I have worked for 20 years in a therapeutic capacity in special needs schools, adult mental health, CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health) and in private practice. I have a particular interest in Autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD and Trauma.

I draw on a range of theories and use metaphors, physical action, movement, and a wide spectrum of creative arts including art and music, to enable the client to make personal connections to the work and find an indirect way in to exploring and understanding the issues that they come with.

Kamila Ciesluk

Music Therapist

I have several years of experience working therapeutically with children and young people in education and care. My interests are attachment and trauma, brain development, and organisational dynamics – I am keen to observe what happens in organisations and how it affects their members.

I believe that our inner workings often happen on a non-verbal level, and creative therapies offer individuals a chance to communicate and be understood without using words. I am passionate about exploring the use of voice, vocalizing and singing in music therapy, and the voices connection to the body and mind.

Meg Dowling

Music Therapist

I am an HCPC registered Music Therapist who works within a person-centred and client-led approach, and where active music-making and improvisation are often the predominant therapeutic intervention methods. I have many years of experience providing personalised Music Therapy sessions in both mainstream and special schools and colleges, as well as in community settings.

In my role as a Music Therapist, I offer sessions with the aim of supporting the mental, physical and emotional health and well being of children and young people with complex additional support needs, such as communication and learning difficulties; sensory impairments; autism spectrum conditions; acquired brain injury; social, emotional and mental health difficulties; trauma and attachment disorders; profound and multiple learning difficulties; and life-limiting conditions.

Using music as the medium through which the therapeutic processes can be explored, allows those I work with to express their emotions and experiences in a creative, accessible, playful and relational way. The music itself provides a safe way of communicating, the therapeutic space offers a safe space in which to do so, and the secure therapeutic relationship allows all layers of the work to be shared, acknowledged, explored and processed.

Matt Agate

Art Therapist HCPC

For over a decade I have had the pleasure of working within the therapeutic and education sector with many incredible individuals, and since 2017 I have had the honour of being able to provide Art Therapy to those amazing people.

Art Therapy is a way in which our inner child, our mind and body come together to overcome barriers through the medium of creating images, sculptures and mess. It can help work with understanding ourselves, while visually telling a story that can be told and heard, without ever speaking a single word.

My role here at Phoenix is to work alongside the therapeutic team and provide empathetic evidence-based therapeutic support to those who need it.

Jamie Maycock


I have been working with in mental health for the past 15 years as a support worker and for the past 7 years as a Psychotherapist. I offer integrative therapy and believe in working with the client on an individual basis adapting the approach I use to be able to do this.

My special interests lie with working with people who have Autism. I am particularly interested in how people process information, trauma and attachment. I also work with obsessive compulsive disorder, using a range of CBT techniques.

Bee Ibarreta

Senior Psychologist

I have worked for over 10 years with children and adults with mental health needs, learning disabilities and Autism.

I am passionate about improving the lives of children and young people with mental health issues and further to this, in supporting teams to develop a healthy environment for the children and young people in the homes, schools and colleges.

I have a special interest in Autism. I have trained in ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) and have conducted Autism Assessments in the past. I also have an interest in trauma and how its effects can change with the right support. I believe in the benefits of teamwork and multidisciplinary approaches to offer a holistic response to the children’s needs.

My role within Phoenix involves working alongside teams providing therapeutically informed support, offering one-to-one therapy for children and young people in the homes and Education settings, conducting psychological assessments and delivering training in relevant psychological presentations and approaches.

Lola Rodgers

Assistant Psychologist

I have experience working with children who have experienced early developmental trauma or have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions as both a teaching assistant and support worker. I have also worked as a support worker for adults with mental health difficulties living in a community based supported living service. I have received Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (level one) training and consequently have extensive experience using PACE.

I am particularly interested in the value of attachment and trauma informed residential services and schools and finding ways to integrate the PACE approach into a way of being with children and young people. My role is to support the Head of Therapies across all Phoenix services by providing assessments, training, interventions and team support.

Dr Hannah Pittaway

Head of Therapies
Senior Psychologist

I have worked therapeutically for over a decade with adults, children and young people and I have extensive experience of working within mental health services.

I am proud to lead a forward thinking, diverse group of therapists whose work makes a difference to the people we support. An important part of my role is working closely with our Care and Education colleagues to continually strive to improve the outcomes of the people we support and to be a trauma-informed organisation.

My special interests are attachment and trauma. I’m very interested in how the attachments we have formed in our early life may shape our future relationships and mental health, and how later positive attachments can help us find the strength to overcome problems. This understanding informs the work I do with individuals and drives my passion to improve the lives of our children and adults through providing attachment and trauma informed therapeutic care. I am also very interested in working with teams and strongly believe that through investing in and supporting our teams who work daily with the people we support this is where we can create the most positive change for children and young adults.

Rosie Dove

Speech & Language Therapist

I have over 10 years’ experience working with children and adults with a variety of communication strengths and needs in a range of settings, including a secure forensic hospital and specialist school settings.

My special interests include the link between communication difficulties and their impact on mental health. I enjoy learning new approaches and developing my practice and skillset to better support positive changes for children and adults.

Gayle Strawson

Speech & Language Therapist

I enjoy providing a mixture of direct and indirect Speech and Language Therapy services for our students with a range of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). I am also a fully qualified dysphagia practitioner, offering specialist support in this area to settings across the organisation.

Since graduating as a Speech and Language Therapist, I have worked with children and young adults with speech and language needs in a variety of mainstream and special education settings and in neuro rehabilitation settings with children and adults with acquired brain injuries.

My special interests include neurodevelopmental conditions, e.g. ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome, Alterative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) and Selective Mutism.

Kate Boot

Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist & Sensory Integration Practitioner
Clinical Lead – Allied Health Professions

I am a dual qualified, neurodivergent clinician. I have worked for over 15 years with children, young people, and adults with a range of neurodivergent conditions, learning disabilities, sensory processing difficulties and speech, language, and communication needs.

I am proud to lead a team of Allied Health Professionals who are evolving their practice to be trauma-informed and in line with the neurodiversity paradigm, including challenging ableist practices and adopting a strengths-based approach. We focus on self-advocacy, perspective taking, the Double Empathy Problem, environmental change and working with others to understand and honour neurodivergent communication styles. As a dual qualified clinician, I am privileged to be able to raise awareness of the role Speech and Language Therapists can play in Sensory Integration and Processing.

Alongside Gemma, I received the Sex Education Forum’s, Educators of the Year for Innovation Award (2021) for our innovative use of speech and language therapy within mental capacity and sex and relationships education. My special interests are autism spectrum conditions, mental capacity, relationships and sex education, trauma & attachment, including neurodivergent trauma, sensory processing (particularly interoception) and animal assisted therapy.

May Lam

Speech & Language Therapist

I am a neurodivergent Speech and Language Therapist. I have worked for over 7 years with children and young people with complex needs, including hearing loss, learning disabilities, attachment and trauma, and speech, language, and communication needs. Prior to becoming a Speech and Language Therapist, I worked as an assistant at a preschool for Deaf children, and as a team lead running respite programs for disabled children and teenagers.

I am passionate about taking a holistic, intersectional approach to all areas of care, framed within a neurodiversity-affirming lens. I believe that everyone should have access to communication in whatever form is most comfortable to them and be in an environment that honours and supports that communication style.

My special interests include mental health, trauma and attachment, particularly the impact of systemic ableism on neurodivergent development and social, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing. Other interests include augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and multi-sensory impairments.

Gemma Sharples

Speech & Language Therapy Assistant

Prior to starting with Phoenix Learning and Care Group I worked in a variety of health & social care settings, including on a variety of acute wards. I joined Oakwood Specialist College, Dawlish as a Learning Support Assistant in September 2017.

After a year of supporting with therapy sessions, I joined the Integrated Therapies Team as the SLT Assistant.

I have special interests in Autism Spectrum Conditions and Relationships and Sex Education. In 2021 Kate and I were extremely proud to receive the Sex Education Forum’s, Educator of the Year for Innovation Award.

Gill Loftus

Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

I have over 10 years’ experience working with children, young people and adults with a range of communication strengths and needs in a range of education and care settings.

I have a passion for person-centred care, and I feel working in a supportive multi-disciplinary team enables the best outcomes for vulnerable individuals.

My special interests include Autism Spectrum Conditions, Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs and Selective Mutism.

As communication is a basic human right, I believe every child, young person and adult should have a voice and I thrive to support those individuals to reach their full communication potential.

Anne Monnington

Head of People
Anne completed her Management Degree in 1997 and Post Graduate Diploma in 2001 at the University of South Wales. She has had a diverse and varied HR career, first at Scottish and Southern Energy in Wales, moving to London working in a number of high profile companies in interim HR Management roles, then moving to the charity sector with Leonard Cheshire Disability and penultimately Miele where she raised to Head of HR for 7 years, transforming the HR and people function. She joined Phoenix in January 2021 in the midst of the pandemic.

Anne is passionate about creating fantastic working environments putting people at the heart of the organisation. Specialist topics are employee engagement, equal pay and transparent pay policies and developing people. She loves travelling and experiencing new cultures.

Reporting to the Group Quality & Service Delivery Director, Anne holds responsibility for the management of people and employment matters including learning & development.

Darren Jackson

Operations Director (Education)

Starting as a qualified Teacher working in a specialist school for those with profound and complex needs Darren joined Ludlow Healthcare Group and was instrumental in developing Wales’ first residential specialist college for those with Autistic spectrum conditions and behaviours that challenge.

Promoted to Ludlow Orbis Group Principal Darren held responsibility for two residential schools and a residential college. Darren was invited to take up the newly created position as Director for Educational Services taking the lead for all aspects of the educational services, including formal education, residential care and the day-to-day operations of clinical services.

Degree qualified in Autism, Darren raised awareness of specialist education amongst professionals and the general public. Presented with the Gold Wales Care Awards for ‘Promoting Services for Children and Young People’ in addition to the ‘Spirit of Care Award’, which is a prestigious award for the recognition of ‘Inspirational Leadership’.

Prior to joining Phoenix Darren worked at the Cambian Group latterly as a College Principal spearheading a turnaround change program.

Reporting to the Group Quality & Service Delivery Director, Darren holds responsibility for the day to day operations across our Education services.

Lyndy Quinn

Operations Director (Care)

Lyndy joined Phoenix in 2017 and took up the role of Head of Care Operations in 2018. She has been working in adult’s and children’s services for over 20 years in roles both within local authorities and the independent sector ranging from Support Worker through to senior roles across adult, childcare and educational settings.

Lyndy is a qualified social worker and holds a L6 diploma in Management in Health & Social Care. Lyndy has held roles within social services teams working with children and families.

Reporting to the Group Quality & Service Delivery Director, Lyndy holds responsibility for the day to day operations across our care services.

Mark Heywood-Briggs

Group Commercial Director

Mark took up his role in October 2019, having held a series of operational and commercial development roles spanning 20 years within private equity, employee owned and privately-operated organisations, with workforce numbers in excess of 4,000. The focus of his work has always been health and social care, encompassing a range of areas from specialist, residential, education, nursing, supported living and community care

Holding Group Board positions at Agincare, Shaw healthcare, Tracscare (Accomplish Group) which included working internationally, in China as a Chief Operating Officer with Heythorp.  

Within the NHS he worked as a Health Promotion Specialist (Public Health) and gained his MSc from the University of Southampton.

He has a passion for prehospital care and supports the NHS as a First Responder. He is responsible for business development and marketing as well as developing and managing its relationships with education and social care.

Tom Massie

Group Quality & Service Delivery Director
Tom joined Phoenix in 2017 as Group Quality & Service Delivery Director having focused his career within health and social care with roles ranging from Support Worker through to senior management.

With an early focus on projects and development, this quickly progressed to taking up operational responsibility for a portfolio of 10 services in South Wales before becoming Director of Community Living with Shaw healthcare, one of the UK’s largest healthcare operators. Tom’s portfolio covered supported living, residential, extra care and home care holding multi-site operations across England, Wales and Scotland with full P&L responsibility exceeding c.£15m pa.

Tom is responsible for the complete sphere of Phoenix’s company operations including Care, Education, Quality, Therapies and People Services.

Tom attained a BSc (Hons) in Economics and MSc in Statistics and Management Science. He plays rugby, squash and mixed martial arts and enjoys travelling and cooking.

François Delbaere

Group Finance Director

Having joined Phoenix in 2013, Francois has been supporting the Group’s strategic development, growth and organisational improvements through his responsibility for the finance, IT and property teams.

A fellow chartered accountant, he has had various senior financial roles with experiences in healthcare, financial services, transport, logistics and contact centres working alongside a range of customers including Local Authorities and the NHS. Prior to working in commerce, Francois qualified with Grant Thornton UK LLP and specialised in corporate finance supporting various transactions including mergers & acquisitions, due diligence reviews and turnaround work.

Francois has also held various not for profit and trustee roles over the years and currently acts as a Trustee for a local counselling service in Exeter and committee member of a local sports club. When he can be prized away from playing on his spreadsheets, his interests outside of work include cycling, kayaking, travelling and playing the ukelele (badly).

Jon Pain

Chief Executive

Jon has worked in diverse industry sectors during his career whilst working for respected brands such as Tyco Electronics/AMP, ITV, Jaguar/Land Rover and Royal Mail holding regional, UK and Global responsibilities.

With 7 years of care experience at Shaw healthcare, principally as Group Operations Director, Jon was asked to join Phoenix in 2015 and was appointed Chief Executive in 2016 to lead quality improvement and the development of new services.

In his spare time, having been a Trustee and Managing Director of a heritage steam railway Jon is a key trustee of a charity designing and building award-winning heritage steam railway locomotives and volunteers for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.