Young People have their Voices heard at the Children, Young People and Families Alliance

At a recent event organised by Devon County Council representing the Children, Young People and Families Alliance, young people from Phoenix Learning and Care had the opportunity to ask questions and have their voices heard.

James and Dylan from Osbourne were accompanied by staff to the event held at Woodlands Adventure Park in Totnes. The event was an opportunity for young people to meet with a whole range of stake holders within their local community including representatives from the county council, the police, social services, health care and community groups. It was also a chance to use the park in between sessions to let off steam and have some well-earned fun!

The whole day was set up so that young people could address their questions to the people that could really effect change and to feed back what services and facilities they would like to see and really need in their own communities.

For James it was important to know how the issue of bullying is being addressed particularly in local schools and colleges. He was able to speak at length with a Police Community Support Officer and has even invited them to pop in for a cuppa the next time they are in the area to continue the discussion!

The event was a great success and a lot of very interesting views and opinions from both children and stakeholders were gained about things that need to be made better or need to be changed in order to improve things for all children, young people and families in the county. The next stage for the Alliance is to collate the feedback and from this start to identify the key priorities that will form the basis of the new Children and Young People’s Plan.


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