Training FAQs

How do I book a course?

To register for a course please click the green ‘Contact Us’ button in the training courses tab and we will be in touch.

How much is it?

Phoenix Group aim for all training and development opportunities to be as financially beneficial for you. We offer a scaling cost system- the more course members you enrol the greater discount will be applied.

How is training delivered?

The Phoenix Group deliver all training in a multitude of learning styles in order to meet each course members individual needs. the training is delivered through a variety of mediums and promotes a positive and enjoyable learning environment.

Where is the training based?

We can deliver the training onsite at your premises or alternatively at a mutually convenient location.

What is the background of Team-Teach?

Following The Children Act (1989) growing staff anxiety caused by allegations against and suspensions of staff, plus an increase in more challenging behaviour threatened the security and effectiveness of service settings managing children and young people displaying challenging behaviours.

As a Deputy Headteacher (1992 -1996) in a special school, it was the responsibility of George Matthews (Director Team-Teach 1997- 2006) to establish a consistent behaviour handling policy and procedures by which staff actions could be judged. This local situation was also being experienced through out the U.K by services educating and caring for individuals who displayed challenging behaviours .

Before the training staff admitted that they:

  • did not know how they would like to respond to challenging behaviour;
  • wished they could respond to challenging behaviour more calmly;
  • felt, after being faced with extremely challenging behaviour, that if they had behaved differently the outcome might have been better;
  • physically intervened on a daily or weekly basis despite not being trained in the use of positive handling strategies.

Before 2000, there was no U.K accredited training framework designed specifically for staff groups responding to young people’s challenging behaviours. Staff required an accredited training framework that took into account U.K child protection issues and provided a whole setting holistic response to behaviour supports and interventions, with a focus on protecting and promoting positive relationships and proactively reducing risk and restraint reduction.

Following research (Churchill Fellowship 1996) into best practice across the U.K and U.S.A. by George Matthews, advice and support from Aidan Healey OBE (Hon President of GSA and the staff, in particular Mike Donovan the Head teacher and the young people of Warnham Court Special School, led to establishment of a training system which involved teams of people working together to safeguard their service and to teach individuals more socially acceptable ways of expressing their behaviours, whilst protecting and promoting positive relationships.

Who supports and accredits Team-Teach?

Team-Teach is accredited by British Institute of Learning Disabilities and received letters of support from the teacher unions: National Union of Teachers, National Association of Schoolmasters & Union of Women Teachers.

Team-Teach courses have received in 2006, the highest level of a National Training Award from the UK Skills Council., funded originally by the DFE/DOH. Although all Inspection and Regulatory Bodies cannot endorse or approve commercial courses or products, the Team-Teach training structure and impact has received favourable comments in various reports, including: Ofsted, Health & Safety Executive, Care Standards, etc.

Is food provided?

The Phoenix Learning and Care Group can arrange all formalities of the training day if that is what your service requires.