The Praise Tree

Every day presents us with challenges but young people and staff at Bourneville have created a praise tree to celebrate their successes and take time to reflect on the things that are going really well in their life.

The Praise Tree has pride of place on the stair well at Bourneville where everyone can see it no matter how much of a rush they are in or how busy the day ahead is. The tree was designed, painted and positioned by the young people at Bournville. Hand shapes cut from coloured paper form a vibrant scene but it is the messages written on the hands which are really inspirational.

No matter how tough a day has been, young people and staff encourage each other to find a positive message they would like to share and they write it on a hand shape and add it to the tree.

The result is a positive daily reminder of the progress being made and a brilliant piece of art work which is changing every day!

The Praise Tree on the wall with hands stuck on        One of the hands on the tree saying "I am special because I'm great at school".       One of the hands on the tree saying "I am special because I have lots of friends".


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