‘Students Interviewed for Local Newspaper’

Thursday 2Interview with County Gazette6th June 2014 saw a very important change to 2 of the Oakwood Court student’s college time table. Rhys George and Hannah Best travelled to Barnstaple to meet with Elliot Anderton a journalist from The North Devon Gazette to report on their recent trip to London to take part in the Right not a Fight Campaign.

Rhys and Hannah arrived at head office with their tutor Giselle King who also supported them to travel to and attend the event organised by Natspec in London. Elliot soon had everyone feeling at ease and asked lots of questions about the event and why the students felt so strongly about taking part. Rhys took time to tell Elliot all about his own experiences of accessing appropriate education to meet his needs and how happy he is to be at Oakwood Court College ‘where teachers listen to me which has really made my self confidence grow.’

Hannah told Elliot all about their time in London and how they had been able to visit 10 Downing Street which she really enjoyed.

After lots of questions and a photo session Elliot left with lots of information for his article and the promise that the story will be run in the next week or so. Watch this space for a link to the paper where you can read for yourself the adventures of Rhys and Hannah in London and see why we are so proud of all our Oakwood Court students and the amazing personal goals they achieve.’


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