Penn House

House and garden


  • Placement Type: Children’s Home
  • Age Range: 8-18
  • Number of Places: 4
  • Location: Newton Abbot


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Penn House is situated just off the A30 in Newton Abbot. It is a large Victorian House with its own gardens. We can accommodate up to 4 young people of both sexes, aged between 8 and 18 years.

The home by nature provides a welcoming and nurturing environment. It is furnished and equipped to a good standard and is maintained daily. Our young people actively contribute to the running of the home and are involved in all aspects of cleaning, cooking, decoration choices and activity planning. They are also invited to contribute to the content of the young person’s Handbook. They take pride in their home.

Staff come from different backgrounds, and receive a good all round training, as a group expectation of quality childcare, which includes a statutory training course and further training contributing to safe, proactive practice. All staff go through a rigid vetting procedure which continues into employment.

All staff contribute to all aspects of a young person’s care, the base of all our work is based on respect, nurturing, responsibility and fun.

At Penn House it is very important to all staff that young people have the best provision of Health Care, Education, Social/Cultural Skills and Leisure.

dining room table

‘Young People are supported and enabled to make choices about learning, activities, their futures and how they want to live’

In ensuring a good solid approach to health, we have a sensible well balanced food plan. We do not generally use pre-cooked meals, sauces from jars or packets. The young people are encouraged contribute, plan, purchase and prepare meals with staff on a daily basis. We do not have take-away food on a regular basis and no fizzy drinks are bought.

All young people are registered with a local GP, Dentist and Optician generally within 3 days of admission. We actively discourage smoking, however if a young person does arrive as a smoker, staff will make every effort to educate against smoking.

Education is provided in some form, from the beginning of the placement, this may include home tuition by a qualified member staff until formal education is arranged. Cultural education is also high on our agenda. Staff will follow up education plans on a daily basis to ensure that education is given high priority by all professionals involved in the case. Education can be achieved in fun ways as well!

Young People are supported and enabled to make choices about learning, activities, their futures and how they want to live. Social activities, such as bowling, pool, nature walks, arts and crafts and many other hobbies are enjoyed by the young people at Penn House.

Staff support the families of our young people where appropriate, and will always include and facilitate contact to the benefit of all involved. Staff and Management always strive to ensure that each young person is given every available opportunity to prepare themselves for independent living and adulthood.