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At Oakwood Court College every student matters and their future independence and success is at the forefront of all that we do. It is a friendly place to live, work and learn offering a great variety of academic and vocationally focused programmes. Students have a wide range of interests, backgrounds, abilities and ambitions.

“A friendly place to live, work and learn”

We are committed to providing each student with the skills they need to become self-reliant in leading purposeful and fulfilling lives where they can discover:

  • The importance and benefits of healthy living
  • How to build a safe living environment
  • Discover that they have a part to play in society
  • Work towards independence and economic well being and
  • Achieve and Enjoy

Student using whiteboard
This means ensuring that people with learning difficulties have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experiences that in many cases leads to employment at the conclusion of their College programme.

“The opportunity to gain knowledge and experiences”

Whilst students are fully supported during their time at our Dawlish or Cornwall Campuses, the planned move towards independence is always uppermost in our planning. Choice and individual wishes are truly valued and encouraged with every member of the College community having a say.

Many students have grown in confidence and maturity within the safe and nurturing environment of the College and graduated into adult life with greater awareness and independence. We hope that this website gives you a taste of Oakwood Court College life.

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