NATSPEC Competition

‘Gift of the Gab’

On the 8th May, Rhys one of our first years, was invited to the National Star College for the finals of the NATSPEC inclusive skills competition. Jordan and KC were there to cheer him on.

The brief for this years competition was to create a presentation with the title ‘Talk to Me’. Although Rhys was nervous, he did a fantastic job. He presented his PowerPoint on “The different ways you can talk to me”.

Rhys engaged the audience throughout and spoke clearly and confidently.

Then it was the time for the results. “RHYS WON” the individual category!

The judges feedback was that his presentation reflected the brief well and that the PowerPoint was visually pleasing and had many different layers to it.

Congratulations to Rhys and a big thank you to Jordan and KC for supporting Rhys on his big day.

Rhys said “This was the best day of my life and it has improved my confidence a lot”.



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