Nathan on Safari

This was my first time on going on a boat, I put on my life jacket and I listened to the safety talk that we had on the boat before leaving Ilfracombe harbour.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never been on a boat before, we left Ilfracombe harbour and went out to sea and the sea spray came over and got us all wet! We were told that we might see some seals and I was looking out for them. The boat stopped a couple of times and we were given some information about where we had stopped. At the last place we stopped before going back to the harbour we saw some seals. They were laying up on the rocks, we couldn’t get too close as they would get scared and go back in the sea. We then went back to the harbour.

I very much enjoyed this trip and I would like to do this again.

Nathan out at sea smiling on a boat  Picture of Ilfacombe from out at sea


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