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  • Placement Type: Children’s Home
  • Age Range: 8-18
  • Number of Places: 1
  • Location: North Devon

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Meddon is a singleton placement home that delivers services to children and young people, the home is a 3 bedded terraced town house in the market town of Bideford.

Situated on the beautiful North Devon coast, Meddon offers a vast amount of local amenities and leisure activities including the popular sport of surfing. The home is within walking distance of the town itself and the large parkland and skate park on the quay.

The home has small front and back gardens.

The style of property and location were chosen as it encourages our young people to have aspirations and the belief that their hopes and dreams can be realised. It is in keeping with its surroundings and from the outside there are no obvious signs that it is anything but a normal household. It has good transport links to larger towns including Barnstaple and Exeter which makes relatively easy access for contact, leisure and diverse cultural enrichment opportunities.

Meddon is a home for young people who need to be cared for alone, we encourage the young person to join clubs and to generally socialise safely with their peers so that they do not became socially isolated.

Bideford Bridge

We place a strong emphasis on creating a holistically nurturing environment where children are actively encouraged to explore & develop their potential. We promote dialogue and encourage active listening from all our staff members.

The home is a high quality environment where the children & young people accommodated are given the opportunity and support to develop and become independent under the protection of an experienced, well trained and caring staff team.

Young people who stay at Meddon may be male or female, and may need more support than those living in a multi-occupancy unit or are unable to live with other young people due to their vulnerability or risk to others.

Staffing is extremely flexible with a minimum ratio of one to one. There is usually one or two staff sleeping in but waking night staff can also be arranged.

The house is a bright and happy place where young people successfully grow and develop.

In this environment each individual child/young person will be valued and respected. We support every child/young person’s right to express their cultural, ethnic, religious, spiritual, sexual or social identity; we encourage acceptance and empathy.