Little Oak

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  • Placement Type: Children’s Home
  • Age Range: 8-18
  • Number of Places: 5
  • Location: Mid Devon


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Little Oak is a large detached house set in 2 acres of North Devon countryside bordering the National Park of Exmoor. The grounds are extensive and include a stream, woods and a large field.

We have a trampoline and in the summer a very large free standing pool. There are no neighbours within 1 mile of the home and Little oak is a 20 minute drive from the M5.

Little Oak is a nurturing home filled with laughter and happy memories, young people are encouraged to make safe decisions, have happy experiences and take part in their futures planning. All young people are different so are all treated as individuals. Young people are given the opportunities to try new activities , go on holidays, make new friends, get a good education, develop their skills and rebuild, when appropriate relationships, with their families.

Young people are placed at little oak with a variety of issues, all young people are risk assessed prior to arriving on the home, admissions are ideally done in planned manor, but emergency admissions can happen in exceptional cases.

There are five bedrooms in the home, each young person has their own bedroom, and the young peoples are encouraged to put their own individual stamp on their room.

Lounge 2 sofas

‘Young people are encouraged to participate in independence training’

There is a big sitting room, where the young people can watch television and play video games, there is also a big kitchen, where the young people can develop their cooking skills and make creative cakes, which is favourite activity.

In the grounds of the home there is a games room with a pool table and gym equipment and a large sports decking for basketball and other outdoor activities.

Little Oaks setting makes countryside walks, pond dipping and tree climbing the ideal activity. The nearby towns of South Molton, Tiverton offer local clubs, leisure centres, cycle tracks and Horse riding. Acorn school is situated on Little Oak site. North Devon has lovely blue flag beaches, our young people are encouraged to take advantage of the closeness of these beaches.

Staffing is balanced in accordance with the needs of the young people, the general staffing ratio is 3:1 ratio, 1 to 1 ratio can also be arranged for young people that require a higher level of staffing. Staffing is generally gender balanced with the young people. Littleoak is committed to having in place a team with a balance of skills, knowledge and experience. All staff receive a high level of training, this includes in-house and external body training. All staff are regularly supervised and receive annual appraisals. Each worker has their own individual plan outlining their learning and training history.

Young people stay at little oak for varied durations, some young people are placed at Little Oak for the holiday periods, and other young people have stayed at little oak for several years and have left Little Oak to move into their own flats. Young people are encouraged to participate in independence training, where they learn skills in cooking, budgeting and various other life skills.

Little Oak for the last few years has mainly been a girls unit, this has mainly happened due to the mix of the young people and boys not been appropriate at the time. There are male and female staff members in order to give the young people male and female role models in order to make little oak feel as homely as possibly.