Kensey Valley


Quick Look Info

  • Placement Type: Children’s Home
  • Age Range: 8-18
  • Number of Places: 2
  • Location: Cornwall


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Kensey Valley is a new build 4 bedroom house on a housing estate within the outer reaches of Launceston town centre. It is a built up area separate from the main town and has around 150 houses with plans to extend the estate later on.


‘Kensey Valley is a home where young people flourish ‘


It is situated and surrounded by a green belt of land with fields and two small copses. Launceston has a population recorded in the 2011Census of 11,785 and a relatively low crime and offences rate for the population, antisocial behaviour being the main issue within the town area. Kensey valley is situated on the approach into Launceston on the A388 from Oakhampton and has a main bus route that can access many areas including a short bus journey to Plymouth city centre of about an hour.


Kensey Valley is also sighted between two moors Dartmoor (Devon) and Bodmin (Cornwall) which have several activities centres on that are used for such things as the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Another drive to the north Cornish coast there are Sandy Beaches and water sport facilities such as surfing Kayaking and Coasteering.