‘Kane the therapy dog’

KaneKane is a very special 2 year old Labrador X who has been working with the young people and has been to several of the Homes. He is based at Bournville with his owner and he spends time with the young people who help to feed him, care for him and walk him on a regular basis. This helps them to learn responsibility and keeping to a routine, particularly those on the autistic spectrum.

Kane is used as a therapeutic and positive reinforcement. The young people enjoy spending time with him and will talk to him about their achievements, wishes and worries. Kane will often wake them up for school, play games with them or simply spend time with them which has proven to have a positive impact on the young people he works with. The young people have made pictures which included painting Kane’s paws to create paw print pictures, read him stories and taken him to the park for a game of football. He is very patient, well behaved and of excellent temperament which is vital to his role. One young person even takes Kane to agility club which has hugely improved their overall confidence!

Kane has been very well socialised from a very young age and was trained to an excellent standard by Peter and Jayne Mounsey of Ashclyst K9 Services www.ashclyst.co.uk.

One young person has stated: ‘I really like Kane because he makes me happy so much and because I can trust him and he is nice to me. He knows when I am upset and he helps me.’

Another young person said: ‘I love having Kane here. Kane is great, everyone loves him.’


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