Frequently asked Questions

What do we want to achieve for children and young people at Phoenix Learning and Care Group?

We wish to provide the highest quality, child friendly accommodation, which is safe, secure and responsive to young people’s needs in the stunning counties of Cornwall, Devon & Somerset.

How are these aims achieved?

These can be achieved by providing support within our homes which allows young people to develop their self esteem and confidence by offering new opportunities and ways of looking at life style choices and options through new experiences. As well as by acknowledging the young person’s right to take risks in a carefully supported and assessed manner.

How do I make a referral to the Phoenix Learning and Care Group?

Enquiries can be made by telephoning our head office on 01271 379006, or sending an E-mail to

Is it possible to visit the homes?

At Phoenix Learning & Care we recognise that prospective young people, social workers and associated agencies may wish to view our service prior to any decision making processes. We welcome such visits but only after agreed arrangement and discussion have taken place with the placing authority and young people currently placed at the home.

Do you offer any educational provision?

Education and the opportunity to enjoy and achieve through learning is a basic right of all young people and an area we at Phoenix Learning & Care Group take very seriously. The role within the home is to support and maintain a level of learning and development for all of those in our care thus enhancing the likelihood of positive outcomes in the future. Supporting young people to remain within the mainstream system is our ultimate goal, however we recognise that there may be some children who find the formal classroom setting a barrier to learning.

We will strive to develop in partnership with other relevant professionals and alternative methods to aid learning. Our schools (Acorn and the Academy) are registered with Ofsted from the ages of eleven to sixteen and offer practical based or vocational routes to education. We currently offer both ASDAN and GCSEs within our service for the fourteen plus age range. This will allow more practical based training, along with a recognised qualification gained as a result.

The development of a clear and unambiguous personal education plan (PEP) for each young person is imperative and this must arrive at the time of the placement commencing, or as soon as is possible. This will clearly define support needs required and those with responsibility for actioning all aspects of the plan.

The Group also provides specialist further education at Oakwood Court College  for young adults aged between 16 and 25 years old who have learning disabilities.

How can my child study at Oakwood Court College?

We recommend that you contact us to arrange a visit and see first hand the work of the College at either our Dawlish or Cornwall campuses. From this we can begin to work with you regarding placement arrangements. It is also important that you make contact with the Careers advisor in your area who will assist you in making an application to the College. You can find more information on the Oakwood website