3rd place in the  Devon Cycle Challenge well done everyone who helped put Phoenix on the map!

With the start of Wimbledon this week it is great to see the kids from PCC taking part in a tennis coaching session organised by Debbie and Christine from Osbourne who went and sourced a community tennis coaching course for themselves and organised the event at a local tennis club.

Sport is an important part of every service in Phoenix, we are so proud of Lollie for being named the Devon young sports person of the year last year and Oakwood continues to produce Special Olympians, and of course let’s not forget the table cricket!

Getting our children, young people and young adults active as much as possible really improves their lives on so many levels, so if you have any ideas push them through.

I was reading an article this week on supporting dignity in care and it had three key messages:

Connect with me!

  1. Show me respect and courtesy
  2. Act with kindness and thought
  3. Offer to help without having to be asked

See who I am!

  1. Treat me as an individual with my own history, preferences, fears and beliefs.
  2. Be aware of my needs
  3. View me as an intelligent person with a massive part to play in my care

Involve me!

  1. Help me make decisions
  2. Be honest and respectful of my choices
  3. Help me at my level

Although this is an aged persons project I think the core concepts are important in everything we do at Phoenix.

Keith Burley

Founder & CEO



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