Children’s Council

Staff and young people from Bridgeview have recently attended an All Party Parliamentary Group Meeting for young people in care at the Houses of Parliament and it has really got them thinking….

Following the meeting they decided that every young person supported by Phoenix Learning and Care should have the opportunity to have their voice heard and to shape and improve their care.

Keith Burley, Managing Director of Phoenix was their next port of call. They met with Keith and his team to talk through how they could help and the idea of a Children’s Council was born.

Meeting are now in full swing and young people have a regular opportunity to get together and discuss their care. The meetings have really empowered those who attended and some incredible talking points have arisen. Recent agenda points have included the ‘staying put’ policy. A small team of staff and young people will lobby for this at a meeting in The Houses of Parliament on Thursday 11th September with ECLCM (Every Child Leaving Care Matters)

The Children’s Council has some really important work ahead of them seeing young people involved in the writing of job descriptions, helping with recruitment and taking part in training.

With all this activity going on it’s a good job that Keith is in charge of supplying the pizza……..meetings always run more smoothly when refreshments are on hand!


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