Case Studies

Megan’s Story

When Megan moved in, she settled very quickly forming a trusting relationship with the house manger. The experienced care team had a good understanding of Megan’s needs and were able to meet her developmental needs in the care setting.

‘She is learning about safe risk taking and the concept of true consent’

The care team have worked really hard in providing the best outcomes for Megan, she will openly inform people that this is her home, with the care team being her ‘family’- the house has a very welcoming calm presence and very much a family home.

During the time which Megan has lived at the home, she has not absconded once, she is involved with the day to day running of the home making choices, taking part in the shopping, preparing and of cooking meals and she is involved with regular staff meetings.

She has participated in therapy with the Group’s psychotherapist, who has also worked with the team to ensure a consistent therapeutic milieu exists to aid Megans’s progression. She is learning about safe risk taking and the concept of true consent.

The care team work really close with Megans’s parents and Megan has regular visits ensuring some consistency and that boundaries are set. During her time with us relationships have improved. Megan has attended school during her time at the home and is now being supported to attend college. She has never missed a day of school other than illness; this is a huge achievement for Megan which has boosted her self esteem giving her more confidence to help her make new ‘appropriate’ friends.

Megan is working hard to achieve positive educational achievements and the care team continue to work closely with her to obtaining Maths and English qualifications and most of all teach Megan valuable independence skills for her future.

For Megan, things are looking very positive.

Darren’s Story

‘At times of anxiety or distress Darren would struggle to even speak or engage with people at all’

Initially Darren was reluctant to partake, finding some parts of the timetable fun and others which he had very little interest in. These preferences led to his timetable being reviewed so that his time was spent doing subject areas he preferred like horticulture and workshop sessions. His progress within the College residences was so impressive that he moved to a self contained flat within the College residences from a larger shared house.

‘Darren left us in 2013 a confident young man, with a work placement, recognised qualifications and the ability to live away from home’

In his second year Darren continued to develop, he undertook a level 1 conservation certificate, began developing strong peer relationships. Darren made huge strides towards independence by accessing the community unsupported to travel to and from college, as well as into the local area.

Darren showed an interest in cooking and with support initially Darren was able to learn how to prepare and home cook lasagne, cottage pie and roast dinner, although washing up afterwards still remained a challenge.

Darren began showing more self awareness too, keeping his hair and beard cut, and engaging in house work- with acceptance and understanding if not enthusiasm. When there were events or parties Darren would dress slightly smarted than usual showing an appreciation of the occasions.

In his final year Darren continued to excel; he completed a level 1 diploma in conservation, and a level 1 award in tractor driving and maintenance and an entry level 3 certificate in woodwork. He began leading small teams of students in forest school tasks, and showing empathy and support to newer students in ILT sessions. Darren completed  level 1 numeracy & communication exams, with Darren’s literacy developing to entry level 2. Darren was able to travel independently from college to his foster family which involved public transport and transferring buses.

Having made so many friends and connections in the local area when Darren approached transition he was clear he wanted to remain in the local community, and with support was helped to identify a supported living placement in the local community where he was able to share a flat with a former student. Darren left us in 2013 a confident young man, with a work placement, recognised qualifications and the ability to live away from home with minimal levels of support and genuine independence.