Bridge View


Quick Look Info

  • Placement Type: Children’s Home
  • Age Range: 8-18
  • Number of Places: 2
  • Location: North Devon


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Bridge View is a two bedded home, situated in the centre of the small market town of Bideford in North Devon.

The house is a terraced, which does not stand out as a Children’s home as it blends in to its surroundings. Each young person has their own bedroom, which they are encouraged to personalise to their own tastes.

 The house has all that a home should have with a kitchen/diner, lounge, bathroom and three bedrooms (one is used as a staff office). It also has the advantage of a basement, which has a utility area, a games/education room and WC facilities. We have a chill out room with sensory equipment.

 The home is close to local amenities and offers Army and Sea cadets, Scouts, youth groups and a well-equipped gym, amongst others, all on its door step. It is only a short bus ride away from the town of Barnstaple which then links to the wider area by train. It is also close to the beach so offers opportunities for surfing and water sports.

 In the Nine years it has been opened, the young people have all had lengthy placements; resulting in only thirteen placements in nine years. The team are resilient and will not give up on children, but will instead ride the waves with them, They do however acknowledge if the young people need to move on and support this too.

’empowering young people to stand up for what they believe and to have a voice’


The team consists of: a registered manager who has fourteen years experience of working in BSED; a senior residential care worker who has Six years experience in BSED and Six residential care workers. The team are qualified to NVQ 3, with some working towards a diploma in working with Children and Young People. It is an established team; the newest member being at Bridge View for three years.

The ratio of staff to young people is generally 1:1, although this depends on risk assessment and at times is 1:2.

The main ethos of Bridge View is for all young people to feel as if they are ‘at home’, comfortable, nurtured and relaxed. We work on a very ‘child centred’ approach and have huge respect for the fact that it is their ‘home’ and the difference and diversity factors that they as individuals provide.

Bridge View received a Good in their recent Ofsted inspection. Young People enjoy living at the home with one stating that

‘without Bridge View I would have nothing’

The team work in acknowledgment of Maslow’s model of hierarchy of needs and develop the young people through this in order to help them succeed with positive outcomes. The team also view themselves as social pedagogues and endeavour to deliver a quality of care that is above and beyond those set out in the care standards.

Staff at Bridgeview have had PACE training and very much follow this as their working practise. It is a therapeutic model which allows the team to explore areas of their lives with them in a nurturing way.

The care provided is of a holistic approach dealing with every part of the young person’s care. If the young person has a need that we cannot meet we involve outside agencies and work closely with them to ensure the right outcomes are achieved. We work closely with social workers, multi agencies and family if required; keeping communications open and working towards the individual care plan and key priorities.

We pride ourselves here at Bridge View in empowering the young people to stand up for what they believe and to have a voice. The young people have been supported in going to London and representing themselves as young people in care at the Houses of Parliament. We have set up a children’s council for the young person’s to be involved in every aspect of there care.

Communication is at the core of what we do at Bridge View; we do this through house meetings, which are not always effective, so we also have comment books and consultation books for the young people to be heard and feel as though they are listened too.