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As suspected the young people from Phoenix learning and Care really showed the team at Head Office how it’s done and made a real success of the very first ‘Take Over Day’ on the 18th February.

The day started by the young people conducting an interview on a potential member of staff. This included calling them to book the time, asking various interview questions and then discussing the candidate before coming to a decision. He got the job!

Next it was time to get down to the detail and the young people carried out a Regulation 33 visit on head office and fresh eyes checks!!

The group was given a budget of £500. They then had to work with senior management to sort the finance, legalities and staffing before coming together to have an executive meeting and to make a decision on how best to use the money.

Suggestions included going for a day out, donating the money to charity, a possible photo shoot to enable them to make calendars for further fund raising. All of these were great ideas and the enthusiasm was contagious!

In the end it was suggested by one young person that they all go to London and attend the APPG. As this is a meeting in Parliament from 5-7pm it was agreed that they would use the money to get the train there, and to visit the dungeons and the London eye whilst there!!

Unfortunately the invites have all gone for the APPG and there will not be another until after the election. Instead we have organised for the group to visit the Who Cares? Trust offices in London and for them to have their own workshop in producing the Who Cares? Magazine. The young people are already really excited about this visit and looking forward to taking away a copy of the magazine they have had real input into.

Well done everyone involved and role on the next time.

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Students at Oakwood Court College in Dawlish participated in a safer internet day on Tuesday 10th of February. The purpose of this event was to teach the students how to use social networking safely and how to enjoy the benefits whilst keeping safe. They were taught how to be respectful online, how to recognise the signs of online bullying, how to report bullying and who to report to.

The students were able to demonstrate what they had learnt through making posters and working through an interactive test. Safer Internet Poster





The team at Head Office are quaking in their boots because any minute now a whole bunch of young people are going to step up, take the ropes and show them how it’s done!

At Phoenix Learning and Care we believe in complete transparency and in hearing the voice of the young people in our care in as many innovative ways as possible.

On Wednesday 18th February Phoenix Learning and Care are opening up Head Office to a group of young people from throughout the company. What better way to truly understand the challenges of running a company than inviting the major stake holders to experience it first hand?

The idea was first brought to the table during a recent meeting of our Children’s Council. The young people were really keen to understand exactly what function the Head Office plays, the wider issue of running a care organisation and the roles everyone plays in making it happen.

Our young people will have the opportunity to shadow all members of the team including Keith Burley our CEO, Siobain who heads up quality, Theresa in HR, Francois in Finance and Donna on reception.

Rest assured the day won’t all be asking questions and drinking coffee! The young people will be undertaking real business activities including negotiations, interviews and the chance to liaise with staff on future plans and projects.

As if they aren’t going to be busy enough the group will be given a cash budget which they will work together to allocate as they see fit, presenting the reasons behind their choices to the Executive Team at the end of the day.

At Phoenix we see our take over day as a massive opportunity not just for our young people but for all of us to learn from each other and be part of a stronger more connected business going forward.

   White Board with brain stormed ideas on what to do for Take Over Day